Pondering into my Coffee Cup

As I sit here in a busy and smokey coffee shop here in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, I wonder why I ever chose a teaching career over the two things I really wanted to do. 

For a long time I trained in the realms of Musical Theatre. That’s great! Lots of jazz hands and unbelievably camp shows. Glitz and glamour for pittance. I wanted to be a performer. Not on TV or anything like that, but I did go as far as getting three diplomas and a degree. I even made a short film called Johnny and got myself an agent. 

When I realized work was short I trained as a teacher in disability in drama, sign language and then later as a teacher in English as a foreign language. 

I then moved to Japan and worked as a teacher. A bit bland for a former Musical Theatre buff.

So I took a few back steps. My hands needed to stay creative. My mind is always on the go. So much so, that it’s difficult to sleep at night.

I went back to one of my creative talents from when I was younger. That is my writing. 

Writers are not paid much, but when I was younger I wanted to be the next Roald Dahl or J.K Rowling. So I started a horror story. I only got so far in when I chose to stop. I’d run out of creative juices. I decided I was too young to make a full long book about horror. 

Over ten years later, I penned a poetry book and published it onto a free site for download. Nobody downloaded it, but I didn’t really promote it, so my message never really was sent to more than 50 people. 

Since then I have picked up a book that I’d penned several years back and have begun to type and edit it. 

However, my current book that I have co-authored is my biggest hurdle. It’s got an extremely important message, and as I sit here pondering into my coffee cup, I try to come up with inspirational promotional ways to get mine and my co-authors message out to the rest of the world. 

‘Legs and Wheels, 6072’ by Rei Link and S. Rowe. Release date: Summer 2015

Legs and Wheels, 6072 (Synopsis)

Two people with two different lives. Could their coming together really help people understand each other and work together just a little bit more?
How do people live their lives? How do two people see the world? How do we really know ourselves? How do we…………oh, whats the damn point? Do people really see me? Do they know I’m here? Why don’t they understand me? Why don’t they understand? Like I said…whats the damn point?
Two people, who live at the opposite ends of the spectrum and two different ends of the world, both want nothing more than to be understood or heard by others. Both are happy, both laugh a lot, both feel ignored for different reasons, both get scared. Two people with two different lives. Could their coming together really help people understand each other and work together just a little bit more?
Legs and Wheels, 6072

By Rei Link & S. Rowe
Release date announced June 2015. 

Legs and Wheels, 6072 (Rei Link and S. Rowe)

‘Be a nation that strives for equality, and accepts people for who they are. That’s a difficult thing for a lot of people to do, but one small view can change a someone’s perspective.’

Quote taken from the upcoming book ‘Legs and Wheels, 6072’ by Rei Link and S Rowe. Release date to be announced in June 2015!! 


Writers Block

At Christmas I chose to break my laptop. Since then, I’ve suffered writers block. Advice to self…don’t break your laptop. It only slows you down with meeting your deadlines.

However, a pen and a notebook have always been an amazing back up.

Soon I’ll be able to afford a new computer of some sorts. It saves having to break into the libraries.