Fail to Notice

People want their work noticed be it an article or book. They use clever tricks of the trade. Yet the writing world can be as harsh as the acting world. 

In the acting world, you have to have a certain look and weight. You have to conform to conformity. If you don’t, your turned away. Acting shouldn’t be based on just looks alone, but in most cases on tv nowadays, it is. 

Is writing the same? Maybe not, but you still have to conform to the requirements of the publishers. Publishers only publish certain kinds of books or stories…and you have to have the ‘next big thing’. You also have to be prepared to make humongous cuts. 

Surely bias shouldn’t get in the way? It does. Noses become more upturned. Maybe self publishing is better. That way, your story is out there to be read, and maybe a publisher or film director might just pick it up to read. 

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