Mummy Knows Best 

So at a young age it’s possible to experience poltergeist activity. 
It only happened once. Being home alone is a big thing for a teen. The parents are leaving you in charge. POLTERGEIST PARTY!!! 
Well no. Actually this happened only once and it never happened again. 
In the bathroom there was a bath, obviously. Some years previously, the children of this bathroom had broken the chain that connected the chain to the plug. Understandable, as the chain had gone rustic. 
This breaking the chain resulted in a very glued in plug. A desperate feat for any child trying to remove it. 

So this child’s mother decided to not replace the chain of the plug. Instead she invested in a tool of a kitchen. A blunt knife. The results was that she had increased the independence of her children. 
Several years after the chain breaking, her first child, at the tender age of 14 was aloud to stay home alone. Why not? She was responsible. Mature. Almost like a grown up. 
One day the mother and the three other children along with their daddy, went out to go food shopping. They left the eldest at home. 
Bathing in the new freedom, she took a snack from the fridge and a drink and chilled watching the TV. 
The TV program was getting to a real good part! BANG!! Something had clattered upstairs. 

What the bug was that?
She trudged upstairs and checked the three bedrooms. Nothing out of place. So she ventured into the bathroom. She looked around the floor, sink and toilet. Nothing out of place. When she looked in the bath she noticed that the yellow handled knife was in the bath. It must’ve just fallen in. She picked it up and noticed it was slightly warm. ‘Strange’ she thought. She placed it behind the taps, thought nothing of it and turned to leave. 
BANG!! This time she jumped out of her skin. She turned around and the knife was lying on the floor!
Heart pumping fast she picked it up. It was warmer. Quickly she placed the knife back and ran from the bathroom and slammed the wooden door shut and leant with her back against it breathing hard. 
BANG!!! It was deafening and her heart jumped into her throat, leaving what felt like a lump. 
She bravely swung the door open. The knife was on the floor. It had hit the door. She bent down picked it up, but was immediately scolded by the red hot handle. She dropped it. Her temper was boiling like the handle. 
‘Look!’ She said ‘I don’t give two hoots about you. I don’t know what you are, or who the bug you are. I don’t care if stay here. If you do, then you abide by my mothers rules. Don’t bloody well throw knives in this house!!’
She breathed. Picked up the knife. It was cold. She placed it back in its place and left the room calmly. 
It never happened again. 
The moral of this story is that poltergeists should never play with knives, if they don’t want to be scolded by a teenagers mum. After all, mummy always knows best. 

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