A Little Bit About Her Books

Cancer, A Heartfelt Letter and Other Poems

From the No Makeup Selfie to the Ol’ Woman with the saggy jaw. From dark to a light heart, prepare to be captivated by imagination.

In the recent Facebook events of the ‘No Make-up Selfie’, comes this dramatic poem on how cancer affects people and their lives. In this poem it reflects on how families have been torn apart, but are still able to come together to raise money for an outstanding cause. 

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. The Ol’ Woman makes an appearance. She has quite the appearance as well. A saggy jaw…we won’t say anymore.

Read as these poems tackle issues and tell funny and perhaps somewhat surreal stories. Immerse yourself in these poems, that have a focus of morality whilst capturing the essences of story telling through poetry. These poems certainly capture the imagination and the views of today’s world and its essence.

Other poems include Rocking That Extra Chromosome, Beauty, Media be From a Debonshire Lassies Point of Biew, It Be the Other Half of Me and many many more!

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