Travel Article the First Gig

I’m always fascinated by travel. I live in Japan, and I really want to write about my experiences here. I thought I’d start up a travel blog, but it is sometimes difficult to keep up with this one, in addition to all my other sites I need to post from. 

I then found a website that needed travel writers. I applied, got the job, then busted my computer. FAIL! Big set back for a then wannabe writer and author. 

Praise for the smart phone!!! I adjusted, downloaded Microsoft and missioned on. 

So it’s a little slower, but I just submitted my travel article. It’s my first one… ever. It’s also going to be my first “gig” as a paid writer I guess. All my other published projects were out of the kindness of my heart. 
Now it’s just to nail down that first paid for published book. 

Oh the dreams! When will they make a reality?

Travel Writing

How to travel write. 

1) Think of something that’s unique or something that’s never really been covered. 

2) Go out (if you can) and experience it for yourself. What’s great about it? Why would you recommend it?

3) Take pictures of the site/experience. It’s a great way to promote it. 

4) Make sure you know the routes to go and telephone numbers and website etc. 

5) Use a computer to type you article. 

6) Use wow factor words. Include maps, prices, pictures and directions. 

7) Save it. Check it. Save it again. 

8) Upload to email. 

And finally number 9…which I forgot to do today. 

9) Click send. That way it meets your deadline and you don’t get an email like I just did, because I forgot to click send.