Twitchy Fingers

I have so many things I want to do. So much so, I get twitchy fingers to coincide with my itchy feet. 

So recently, all I’ve wanted to do is read, but I end up watching pointless videos on YouTube because I wanted to do that as well. 

I also wanted to write, but I ended up sketching instead. Why can’t I sit still and finish a project for five minutes?

Damn it! I’m just too creative. 

To Be or Not To Be an Author

A blank canvas. You know, that’s how I see it. To be an author is like being an artist. 

One thing my dad always said, was that I was an excellent story teller and sketcher/painter. Be told me I should always sell my drawings and stories. 

My biggest issue is which one am I best at? In most circumstances, they are not the biggest of money spinners. 

I chose books. Although, officially I’m not an author until somebody buys my books. My first book I published was free download only. Nobody downloaded it. Not surprising. Poetry is never a spinner. 

However, my second book ‘Legs and Wheels, 6072’ will be available to buy soon. Here’s hoping!